Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where is the community in church if you are not in a small group?

Thanks for the question. The answer depends on how you define community. If community means simply friendliness, then hopefully you’ll find that all kinds of places at High Pointe. But, if community means getting to know one another closely, caring for one another, doing life together, then a small group is the best place for that to happen at High Pointe. Though you may find some measure of community on a service team, you will most likely find deep fellowship in a small group. Because Sunday morning services are so big and there are so many people, we believe that it is not possible to experience the kind of closeness with each other that we all want and need until we get with people who have the time to sit and learn and share with one another.

Doesn’t that force cliques of people?

The definition of clique is: “A small exclusive group of people”
The definition of exclusive is: “Not admitting someone”

Doesn’t that sound bad?!

Of course, when people get together there is always the chance of cliques forming but at High Pointe we have an “Open Group” policy which means that our regular Core Groups (small groups) accept new people at any time. Hopefully, as Christians, we are always accepting of people and refraining from making exclusive groups or cliques. We work hard at having loving, caring groups without letting them become exclusive or clique-ish.

-Jody Robinson

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