Saturday, June 7, 2008

What are the main theological points in Romans (Roman Road)

Basically, the main point of the book of Romans was a theological presentation of the gospel by the apostle Paul. He wrote it to a group of Christians that were mired in a problem. The Jew’s had been called by God, given His Law, and were called the people of God but now the gentiles or non-Jews were now coming into the church and Paul’s claim that it was by faith alone was a big problem for the Jews to understand. Much of what Paul presents is for the Jews to understand why gentiles were now being included in God’s family by faith, not by following “The Law” and then for the gentiles (and also Jews) to see that just because they are now in God’s family it does not give them any license to sin.

So it’s easy to see that while the Roman Road, as we call it, is not a listing of the main theological points of the book of Romans. Here are some of them:

  • We are saved by faith. All people, both Jews and gentiles are under sin’s power are not able to save themselves by anything they might do.
  • Natural revelation and specific revelation
  • Justification/sanctification (faith and deeds)
  • Original sin and the text that is used for the imputation of sin (5:12)
  • Identification with Christ in baptism
  • “old man/new man” and “slave to sin” metaphors
  • Law vs. Grace (antinomianism)
  • Doctrine of hope—resurrection of our bodies
  • Election
  • Does the Jewish nation have a future?

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