Thursday, June 19, 2008

If communion represents the greatest gift from God, why is it not a bigger part of our service? Occasionally this seems very odd to me.

I would not agree with the premise. I don’t think communion is the greatest gift from God. I believe that greatest gift was the death of Jesus Christ which made reconciliation with God possible. The symbolism of communion is a special gift from God that we are able to participate in but it is not His greatest gift.

I would guess that you’ve probably heard this idea that communion is the greatest gift from God through some Catholic teachings because their belief is that grace is transmitted through the sacraments (of which communion or the Eucharist is one). So in strict Catholic teaching, “no sacraments” means “no grace and no salvation”. Communion represents Jesus’ broken body and his shed blood and so to a Catholic, it could very well represent the greatest gift from God.

When Jesus commanded us to remember his death, he left the frequency open. He said “as often as you do this”. I think it’s very important to realize that church traditions which practice communion every week or doing so out of tradition and not from a specific biblical command.

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